Ganvie -Acclaimed to be the Venice of Africa, Ganvie stands out as one of the tourist attractions in Benin. Located in Lake Nokue, the inhabitants of this village on water survive by the men fishing and the woman going to the land to sell the fishes. All movement on this stilt village are made with boats. Even the small children have boats of their size.

In the 16th century, the state of Dahomey (modern Benin) prospered, very actively engaged in the slave trade (well, who then did not sin). Fleeing from the unfunny fate, the ethnic group Tofinu and founded this settlement on the water: religion did not allow the soldiers to enter the waters of the lake and the inhabitants of Ganvie remained free. Now there are about 25,000 people living here. And all move exclusively on boats. You want to get to the market, school, shop, restaurant, cemetery (yes, there are all the attributes of an ordinary village) or just to visit a neighbor – paddle in hand!