Experience living in Togo or Benin as you assist understaffed schools with taking care of the students and teaching them English or french. This project will allow you to learn more about life in Togo or Benin and the impact that foreign aid has on the community, as you integrate into the school system and work alongside the teachers.

During your time at the school (you will be living in a separate location) you will lead educational games and interact with the children, help them learn English and help with some repair work around the school grounds. All this whilst living a stone throws away from stunning beaches!

Program Highlights

Improve the learning conditions of local schools

Experience teaching English or French in a foreign country

Contribute to helping the community grow their tourism sector

Enjoy time at the beach with your new friends

Spend your weekends going on tour at the Ganvie stilt village or experience a local weaving or sewing center. Contact program coordinator for full details.