Our Nigerian guide Confidence is trying to battle foreigners’ perceptions of Lagos. While the U.S. has issued a warning against non-essential travel to some parts of Nigeria, Confidence explains that with some education and planning, a trip to Lagos and surroundings can be illuminating, enjoyable and safe.

My name is Confidence Ekele Aguiyi. My passion for tour guiding and crafting tours for Nigeria was spurred by wanting to correct the negative impression lots of people have about my country Nigeria, and its capital, Lagos.

As a first timer listening to the media, I understand that the impressions you hear could sound scary, but my mission is to let you know that this is far from the truth. My strong desire to change perception and increase the tourist flow to Nigeria is a cause I proudly take on. I have asked myself a number of times if this task is achievable before getting into this venture and the resounding feeling is YES. It is a task I have performed time and again in recent months.

When Idreis and Jamal of “Twin Doctors TV USA” contacted me to plan their recent trip to Nigeria, they had this skepticism in their mind due to speculation that Nigerians are fraudsters and dishonest people. But I told Idreis that that impression would be changed after their visit. Here’s a small excerpt of their post-trip testimony:

“We toured with Confidence in November of 2016. We had something of a tall order in that we wanted to tour Lagos as well as the countryside (Igbo-Ora). In Igbo-Ora we specifically wanted to document the twinning phenomenon. Confidence was able to get us great access to locals in Igbo-Ora, we really felt like we were locals ourselves. Confidence was always very prompt and professional in his correspondence before and during our trip. I would definitely recommend Confidence and next time we go to Nigeria, we will most certainly give him a call.”

The Fourpoints by Sheraton Hotel located on the Lekki peninsula of Lagos Island and Sheraton Hotel located in Ikeja have been my best option for hosting my clients coming to Lagos. However if you really want to have a deeper feel as a local, then the hostel and home accommodation that I provide with a host family could be an option.

The Whispering Palm Beach Resort with its fascinating ambiance could be a home-base for relaxation if you tour with me on the Badagry Lagos mainland axis. The Whispering Palm is a resort occupying 8 acres of land in Iworo Badagry. It lies on a lagoon and typifies the beauty of the area: cool Atlantic breezes, soft silica sand, palm trees and whispering chirping birds.

Bukka Hut, an African intercontinental restaurant, is a home for good meals while in Lagos. Just a taste of their food will keep your mouth watering!

Many people think that Boko Haram activity is happening all over Nigeria. I would like you to know that my tours are strategically located in areas of great safety. Boko Haram and its sects operate in the north east of Nigeria, which is nowhere near the southern part of Nigeria where most of my tours are. It’s important for you to know that on my tours you are guaranteed safety, as I ensure that all safety measures are taking care of.

I invite you to come to Nigeria, to visit me in Lagos, for a trip like no other.